Entries from January 2009

Looking for the Acts of Faith!

Date January 27, 2009

Feel free to forward this to a friend! “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder.” ~ Louis L’Amour America is filled with talkers about Jesus! We talk about our church. We talk about our faith. We go to services and attend studies. But what is the end of all […]

Transformed Episode #055 – Trusting God in Turbulent Times

Date January 25, 2009

Foreclosures, bankruptcies, and dwindling retirement accounts seem to be all the news these days. Everyone seems to be hurting these days. The recession has tested the limits of many people’s faith. Dr. Matthew Lee Smith encourages our hearts to ‘trust in the Lord with all our hearts’ in the midst of these turbulent times as […]

Enjoying a Lighter Burden!

Date January 20, 2009

Feel free to forward this to a friend! “You will never be on top of the world if you try to carry it on your shoulders.” ~ Unknown With so many things to do, the Eagle Leader often feels like they are about to break under the load. You know it is impossible to “mount […]

Bragging On the Team Leader!

Date January 13, 2009

Feel free to forward this to a friend! Every person has an invisible sign around their neck that says, ‘Encourage Me!’ ~ Mary Kay Eagle leaders are no less in need of encouragement than anyone else. Some believe that leaders have an ‘inner source’ that resupplies them with encouragement. Therefore, the thinking goes, don’t talk […]

Transformed Episode #054 – Accomplishing Your Mission … No Matter What

Date January 10, 2009

There is a poem that reads … “When you enter that beautiful city, and the saved all around you appear. What joy when someone will tell you, it was you who invited me here.” Accomplishing our mission of telling the world of the love of God through Jesus Christ is what this episode is all […]

Doubts Come – How Do You Overcome Them?

Date January 6, 2009

Feel free to forward this to a friend! Who hasn’t felt the stabbing pain of doubting God? When things go well, we seem to have no reason to question God, His goodness and His provision for our lives. When things turn sour and our health is shattered, or our spouse walks out or one of […]

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