Entries from July 2009

Transformed Episode #067- Transformation Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! Part 2

Date July 25, 2009

As we grow spiritually, we learn that to experience a life beyond our wildest dreams, there are specific responsibilities we are to take charge of in order to be pleasing to the Lord. One of those responsibilities is to walk in the light of Jesus Christ. Jesus never wanted us to stumble throughout life as […]

How Would You Market A New Book?

Date July 20, 2009

You may have noticed that I have not been posting nearly as frequently over the last month.  The reason is that my daughter Tabitha and I have put the finishing touches on a new book.  It is done and I am really excited about it.  This is a book for anyone who longs to know […]

Transformed Episode #066 – Transformation Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! Part 1

Date July 18, 2009

Today, “How To” books fill the racks of local book stores. You can find cook books for people who want to cook; repair books for people who want to fix things; investment books for people who want a better future; parenting books for people who want to raise good children and relationship books for people […]

Transformed Episode #065 – Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Date July 11, 2009

Ask yourself today, “Am I truly a follower of Jesus Christ?” If your answer to that question is “Yes!” then ask yourself another question: “Where is my final destination?” “It’s Heaven!” you say. Then there is one final question: “Who are you going to Heaven to meet?” “Jesus!” Correct! And what has Jesus promised to […]

Transformed Episode #064 – Gifted Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Date July 4, 2009

God wants to put his church together! He wants his church to grow! In fact, we will learn today that it is the nature of the church to grow! If a church is not growing, then that church is sick! God is so concerned about the growth of his church that he has presented every […]

Transformed Podcast Interviews Daniel Henderson

Date July 2, 2009

We welcome to the podcast today, Dr, Daniel Henderson. Daniel is Founder and President of Strategic Renewal. After spending 25 years in rewarding full-time pastoral ministry, Daniel is now full-time with Strategic Renewal, freeing him to do more writing, lead prayer events, speak at conferences, raise money to help hurting pastors, and use his decades […]

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