Entries from September 2009

Win a Free Autographed Copy of In His Image or In His Presence!

Date September 29, 2009

Despair and troubles seem to be overwhelming the people of God right now. The only way for the men and women of God to weather the storms of life is to cling to the God in charge of it all. A deep, storm-busting faith begins with our daily time in God’s word. Dr. Smith has […]

Transformed Episode #071 – Careers Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Date September 27, 2009

What does it take for the true follower of Jesus Christ to enjoy a career beyond your wildest dreams? A career beyond our wildest dreams can only happen when we obey our bosses or care for our employees as if we were working directly for King Jesus! If you want a career beyond your wildest […]

Looking for a Great Christmas Gift?

Date September 24, 2009

Christmas is a great time to buy your loved ones a new daily devotional to keep them reading through God’s word in 2010! From now till October 15 2009 you can get 25% OFF each of Dr. Smith’s books! Enter the special code 9LM6PF94 at checkout from our CreateSpace estore. Read what folks are saying […]

Transformed Episode #070 – Parenting Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Date September 19, 2009

What does it take to enjoy parenting beyond your wildest dreams? Parenting beyond our wildest dreams can only happen when we follow the commands of our God for our family. After all, God is our Father and we are His children. Who should know more about parenting than God? Many people are confused as to […]

“Fearless” by Max Lucado a ‘Must Read’ This Fall!

Date September 11, 2009

Max Lucado has provided us with a strong helping of hope and courage in his newest book, “Fearless,” available today from Thomas Nelson. Max reminds us that “There’s a stampede of fear out there. Let’s not get caught in it.” With each paragraph, the doubts and fears seem to vaporize as Lucado takes us along […]

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