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Transformed Episode #74 – Experiencing Daily Forgiveness (How to Live in Forgiveness)

Date October 31, 2009

Sponsor: GoToMyPC We are grateful that you have returned to another episode of the Transformed podcast, I’m your host Mike Powers. Our series entitled, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life! continues today with today’s episode, Experiencing Daily Forgiveness! We do not often enough talk about spiritual intelligence, the consistent application of basic God-revealed spiritual principles […]

Free Download of Tenth Aveune North's Single "By Your Side"

Date October 30, 2009

Tenth Avenue North, a Christian band out of Florida, is offering their hit single “By Your Side” for free for signing up for their email alerts (you can opt out at any time). By Your Side is an athenm of hope and encouragment during the trouble times our world is facing. It’s strong lyrics remind […]

Transformed Interviews Fran Tarkenton

Date October 27, 2009

Mike Powers sits down to talk to Fran Tarkenton, former professional football player, TV personality, and computer software executive. Tarkenton played for the Vikings from 1961 to 1966, during this time he developed the nickname scrambler as he ran around the backfield to avoid being sacked by the opposition. Tarkenton was traded to the New […]

Transformed Episode #73 – The Forgiveness of God (Wiping the List Clean)

Date October 25, 2009

Today we continue our new series entitled, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life! We hope you will discover the power and reality of authentic Christian forgiveness as you study through this series. In today’s episode, The Forgiveness of God, we discover how to wipe the list of our sins clean! We cannot deny our sins; […]

Transformed Episode #072 – The Murder of Jesus (A Costly Forgiveness)

Date October 18, 2009

Today we begin a new series entitled, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life! In this series we hope you will discover the power and reality of authentic Christian forgiveness. Have you been hurt? Have you been injured by another? Are you having a hard time forgiving? Does your offender ignore the attack upon you? Is […]

Transformed Podcast Interviews David Ferguson

Date October 13, 2009

Today’s interview is with Dave Ferguson who dreams of “helping all people find their way back to God.” He tells us, “I write to inspire, instruct and collaborate with others who share this dream. To see that dream realized I’m using my influence and creativity to catalyze a movement of reproducing churches. Toward that end […]

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