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Happy New Year from Eagles In Leadership!

Date December 31, 2009

It is our deepest prayer and hope that 2010 will be a year of great blessing, wonderful success and warmest intimacy with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Matt, Melodee, Tabitha and Mike

Questions the New Year Brings

Date December 29, 2009

by Dr. Matthew Lee Smith As the new calendars go up, we all feel something refreshing about ‘being done with’ the last year. Whether it was a year of incredible accomplishment or terrible hardships, a fresh calendar can breath new hope and life into our lives. What will God do this year? How will I […]

Barna's End of Year Review

Date December 28, 2009

We welcome Ed Stetzer to Eagles In Leadership with his poignant guest column today. Ed first posted this blog Monday December 21, 2009 at his blog and he has graciously allowed us to reprint it here. Ed Stetzer is LifeWay’s director of LifeWay Research and missiologist in residence. Before coming to LifeWay in June 2007, […]

Transformed Episode #082 – Walking Into the Wind

Date December 27, 2009

Sponsor: GoToMyPC We wrap up our very practical study, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life!, today. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the Transformed podcast, I’m your host Mike Powers. Today’s episode is entitled Walking Into the Wind or When There’s No ‘I’m Sorry!’ promises to be very helpful. We are all […]

Start the New Year with a New Devotional!

Date December 26, 2009

READ THROUGH THE BIBLE IN ONE YEAR — In His Image Click here to order: http://bit.ly/InHisImage READ THROUGH THE PSALMS IN ONE YEAR — In His Presence Click here to order: http://bit.ly/InHisPresence Enter the special code X2PRCM8M at checkout for 20% off!

Transformed Episode #081 – When the Pastor Calls Us to Repentance

Date December 22, 2009

Sponsor: GoToMyPC Up till now we have focused on the forgiving side of the equation. Now we need to probe the nature of repentance and struggle with what it really involves. We will look at an intensely personal interaction of the apostle Paul with his friends in the church with which his relationship had proven […]

Transformed Episode #080 – Responding to Conflict With Grace

Date December 13, 2009

Sponsor: GoToMyPC As we continue our series entitled, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life!, we hope you are discovering the power and reality of authentic Christian forgiveness as you study with us through this series. In today’s episode, Responding to the Conflicted With Grace, we learn how to respond with grace to those who are […]

Transformed Episode #079 – When You're in the Wilderness

Date December 9, 2009

Sponsor: GoToMyPC As we continue in our series, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life!, we hope you are discovering the power and reality of authentic Christian forgiveness as you study through this series with us. In today’s episode, When You’re in the Wilderness, we learn how to move from feeling of guilt to feelings of […]

Lessons Learned While Starting New Things

Date December 2, 2009

Editor’s Note: Our friend Dave Ferguson has kindly agreed to share some of his insights into the expanding ‘New Thing’ ministry. We know the lessons he has learned will help many of us as we prepare for a new year of ministry. Thanks Dave for the article! by Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor – Community Christian […]

Will Your Congregation Still Exist Ten Years from Now?

Date December 1, 2009

An Overview Article on Will Your Congregation Still Exist Ten Years from Now? Factors That May Impact your Survivability, Vitality, and Vibrancy By George Bullard Strategic Leadership Coach with The Columbia Partnership Voice: 803.622.0923, E-mail:  GBullard@TheColumbiaPartnership.org Web Site: http://www.TheColumbiaPartnership.org Editor’s Note: We welcome George Bullard to EaglesInLeadership.org today. If you find this article of help, […]

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