Entries from January 2010

Transformed Episode #085 – Questions the New Year Brings: Question 3

Date January 27, 2010

2009 was filled with distractions, not the least of which was the economy. One of the key changes that I want to make in my life in 2010 is to stay closer to Jesus every day and all throughout each day. Life has a tendency to tear us away from intimacy with Jesus. As we […]

From Sick Churches to Healthy Churches (Part 1)

Date January 25, 2010

Win Arn has said, that 80-85% of all American Churches are in decline! We know why this is and we know what to do. Often however, local churches refuse to take the steps necessary to bring about health and, as a natural result, growth. Sick Churches … • Are guided by griping. Like termites in […]

Transformed Episode #084 – Questions the New Year Brings: Question 2

Date January 20, 2010

As I think about how Jesus looks at life, I realize that his perspective is so much different than mine. Like buttons on an elevator, my core social group will either lift me or they will take me down. The Bible calls the Church the ʻbody of Christ.ʼ In other words, who I center the […]

Healthy churches exhibit certain attitudes…

Date January 17, 2010

Perry Noble recently wrote, “I am seeing more young men rise up and plant churches…men with vision, passion and courage, men who refuse to accept the status quo, men with a genuine passion to see people far from God come to know Christ, men who refuse to become people pleasing pastors and who also refuse […]

Sick churches exhibit certain attitudes…

Date January 10, 2010

Several years ago I can remember reading the following: “75% of American churches are dying, 23% are plateaued (by taking people from the dying churches), and only 2% of American churches are growing.” Having worked for three decades in the American church, mostly in attempting to rescue dying churches, I have found four common attitudes […]

Transformed Episode #083 – Questions the New Year Brings: Question 1

Date January 7, 2010

Today we begin a new series entitled, Questions the New Year Brings! As the new calendars go up, we all feel something refreshing about ʻbeing done withʼ the last year. Whether it was a year of incredible accomplishment or terrible hardships, a fresh calendar can breath new hope and life into our lives. What will […]

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