Entries from February 2010

Philosophy of Ministry Directions (Part 1)

Date February 22, 2010

Knowing where you’re going is more important than going. If there is no specific goal or place where one is headed, it really doesn’t matter if you are going anywhere or doing anything. Motion without direction is delusion. As we seek to bring life to our ministry, being on the same page is vital. Two […]

What Should We Be Doing During Transition?

Date February 15, 2010

Resurrecting a dying church is much like working in an ER. The dying patient may have many medical problems, but in order to keep them alive, priorities are made on those wounds and injuries that are most life threatening. As we seek to rescue the congregation we love, we can’t fix everything at once; therefore, […]

Transformed Episode #086 – Questions the New Year Brings: Question 4

Date February 10, 2010

Schedules from work, school, community groups and church often seem to clutter our lives and, we are almost driven to insanity as we seek to make sense of the mess. In the coming year, I want to serve people as Jesus did when he was on Earth. But how do I do that? What does […]

In Times of Transition

Date February 8, 2010

When churches seek to regain their health and vitality, tensions can rise inside the local church. Turning around a sick and dying church often reveals things that were previously hidden. As they come to the light, these revelations can be unnerving, to say the least. In times of transition … Things do not stay the […]

From Sick Churches to Healthy Churches (Part 2)

Date February 1, 2010

There are a growing number of American Churches that have discovered the keys to health and are enjoying the benefits thereof. Again, we know why this is and we know what to do to bring health to a local church. When local churches take the steps necessary to bring about health, the natural result is […]

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