Entries from October 2010

Anne Jackson Gives Us "Permission to Speak Freely!"

Date October 20, 2010

What a joy to welcome Anne Jackson to the Transformed podcast today! Anne Jackson wants you to confess – and she’ll go first in her new book, Permission to Speak Freely. This book flows from the responses to the blog post question: What is the one thing you feel you can’t say in the church? […]

The Challenge of Unity (Part 2)

Date October 18, 2010

Ministry can be a tug of war! In our last blog, we talked about the harm such pulling in multiple direction can have upon the local ministry. Our summary was: nothing valuable happens! There is a lot of energy being expended, but nothing good happens – and, in fact, people get injured and tired and […]

The Challenge of Unity (Part 1)

Date October 11, 2010

Ministry can be a tug of war! Consider the forces that pull against unity within a local church each and every week: 1)   First, there is the pastor pulling in the direction that he believes God is calling them to; 2)   Then there is the leadership board that thinks their job is to tell the […]

Matthew West Talks About ‘The Story of Your Life” Tour

Date October 6, 2010

Matthew West spoke with our own Mike Powers recently about his new album project, “The Story of Your Life,” Operation Christmas Child and the center of God’s will for our lives. You can order your album here! Matthew West is a Contemporary Christian musician from Nashville, Tennessee. He has released four studio albums and is […]

Help! Our Community Is Changing! (Part 2)

Date October 4, 2010

by Dr. Matthew Lee Smith (c) 1999 In part 1 we discussed the rise and decline of the urban church. We ended our Somewhere between the birth and the death of the local church selfishness took center stage, replacing self-sacrifice. From a clear goal of reaching that community with the Gospel, the church wanders in […]

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