Articles from May 2012

Fall Semester Open Registration!

Transformed Interviews Comedian Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is the best at what he does–making people laugh as hard as humanly possible. His Happy Wife, Happy Life® message of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed has given laughter and encouragement to millions of people.…

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Episode 117 – Learning to Forgive!

Unforgiveness is a prison in which we are our own jailer! If I want out of my prison of pain all I need to do is release the offender. Let go! Welcome to the Transformed podcast! Forgiveness involves…

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Episode 116 – From Forgiveness to Forgiving!

An unforgiving spirit poisons the community in which it lives, and an unforgiving, forgiven person becomes an open scandal. Such people destroy the churches, the marriages, the families, and the friendships in which they live. Jesus obviously believed…

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Episode 115 – Living in Forgiveness!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. We cannot accomplish God’s dream for our church until we learn to forgive and forget the offenses of others. One of the closest men to Jesus tells us today there are 7 key…

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