Articles from January 2013

Changed Lives Get Noticed!

Episode 143 – Where Is God When You Are In Need of Hope?

  In our recent national election in the United States, people on both sides of the political aisle were touting their candidate as the solution for what ails the country. However, as we have said before again and…

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Episode 142 – Where Is God In My Everyday Life?

It is impossible to escape from God’s all-knowing control, no matter how far or fast we might go, for God is everywhere! In the Old Testament King David told us that the LORD knows us penetratingly, as if He…

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Episode 141 – Where Is God When Life Goes WRONG?

Your problems are God’s pathways to His plans! Just as Joseph, the great-grandson of Abraham shows us, God often leads in mysterious ways so He can bless many through our lives if we trust Him throughout the journey! In…

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Episode 140 – Where Is God When Your Family Rejects You?

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. When your family rejects you, God is still with you! As the teenage Jacob shows us, God will show up, back up and take up our cause when we trust our lives to…

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