Entries from May 2016

Transformed #293: God Emboldens Us When We Pray Together!

Date May 8, 2016

Fear. It paralyzes the child of God. It leads to rebellion, murmuring, discouragement, dread … and, worst of all, unbelief. Of course, fear’s harvest caused the first Exodus generation of God’s people to wander in the wilderness for 40 years until every one from that group died so God could use fresh faces with fresh […]

Transformed #292: God Guides When We Pray Together!

Date May 1, 2016

God longs for every one of us to gather together, and bring our broken hearts to Him in prayer. These encouraging words are part of today’s reminder that, “God Guides When We Pray Together!” Practical, Biblical insight marks this call to repentance and return, hope and help no matter when you and your church find […]

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