Entries from March 2017

Buy a copy (or a case) of Secrets of a Secret Shopper!

Date March 30, 2017

  Greg Atkinson has nailed it this time! Now you can bring the expertise of professional consultant to your church for less than a meal at your favorite fast-food place. Helping you remove barriers and distractions so your guests can focus on what God wants to do in their hearts is what this book is […]

7 Marks of Active Worship

Date March 28, 2017

Have you been in worship lately? I don’t mean, “Have you been to worship lately?” If we love Jesus, we love Him enough to worship Him both privately and publicly. What I am asking today is, “Have you been in worship lately?” “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises! […]

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