Articles from May 2017

Before We Can Soar We Must Understand!

Hope For Today – Enjoying a Blessed Life!

Is your daily life chaotic or calm; are you being beaten up by life, or are you enjoying a blessed life? These are two of the most important questions you can ask yourself on a daily basis. Our…

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Hope For Today – God Waits to Be Gracious to You!

Are you in the midst of tough times right now? Seems like most of the people I know are. Whether it’s finances, work issues, relationship issues at home or your car isn’t running well, it seems like most…

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Hope For Today – Celebrate His Peace!

Peace – we are all looking for it! The reality is, as we have learned from this past election cycle, peace is FAR from the hearts of Americans these days. And while the pointy finger of blame is…

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