Articles from March 2018

Good Friday

Hope For Today – Taking Care of You!

Art by: Prosperity and success are much easier when we are healthy! It’s easier to do the things and be the things God calls us to do and be when we don’t have to fight our bodies –…

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Hope For Today – Taking Care of Your Future!

Art by Success is God’s secret to our lives! While so many people think that God is mad at them, the reality is that God is mad about them! God longs for us to thrive, not just survive.…

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Transformed #306: God Gives Hope Even When We Feel Hopeless!

In the midst of our darkest hours, God is our light! In this message of encouragement and inspiration, Dr. Smith shares his own story of pain and loss through the death of his beloved wife, Melodee. As he turns…

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Hope For Today – The Danger of Drift!

This photo of Driftwood Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor It’s so easy to get caught up in life. We’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating often: Life has a tendency to drag us away without our…

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