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Big Book of History Book Review

Date July 19, 2012

Have you wanted to get a grasp on world history from a Biblical point of view? Now you can! Big Book of History is targeted for young learners, ages 7-12. However, my copy seems to draw “children” of all ages. Tracking 4 themes from creation to the election of President Barack Obama, this up to […]

Alan Hirsch on Missional Discipleship!

Date September 23, 2011

Welcome back to the Transformed podcast. We are honored to have Alan Hirsch with us on the podcast today!   Alan is the founding Director of Forge Mission Training Network. He is the co-founder of shapevine.com an international forum for engaging with world transforming ideas. He leads Future Travelers, a learning journey applying missional-incarnational approaches […]

Transformed Talks About "Money Strategies for Tough Times!" with Matt Bell

Date August 24, 2011

Thank you for tuning in again to the Transformed podcast! Today we welcome Matt Bell back to the program. Matt is a personal finance writer and speaker. He is the author of three books: Money, Purpose, Joy (September 2008), Money and Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples which was published in March […]

Transformed Interviews Tom Cocklereece on the Disciple-Maker's Toolkit!

Date August 17, 2011

We are so pleased you have returned to the Transformed podcast! In today’s episode, we welcome back Tom Cocklereece, author of Simple Discipleship, which we talked about recently (here’s the link to that interview). Today we talk about a companion to the book, and it’s called Simple Discipleship: The Disciple-Maker’s Toolkit. You can purchase the […]

Transformed! Interviews Mike Slaughter about "Change the World!"

Date July 14, 2011

We are so pleased you have returned to the Transformed podcast. In today’s episode, we explore how we can recover the message and mission of Jesus, and thus, Change the World. Matt’s guest today is Mike Slaughter, lead pastor at Ginghamsburg Church, is the three-decade dreamer of Ginghamsburg and the spiritual entrepreneur of ministry marketplace […]

Transformed Interviews Steve Gladen About Small Groups With Purpose!

Date June 29, 2011

Steve and Matt Photo Credit: Melodee Smith In today’s episode, we return to the world of the 1st century and try to discover how the early church exploded upon the Roman Empire so quickly. Matt’s guest today is Steve Gladen, who is currently the Pastor of Small Groups at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, […]

"God In America" DVD Series Now Available!

Date April 21, 2011

PBS, FRONTLINE AND AMERICAN EXPERIENCE REVEAL CRITICAL ROLE OF RELIGION IN AMERICA, BOTH PAST AND PRESENT Follow the Political and Spiritual Journeys of Religious Figures to Uncover How Religious Faith Shaped America We have just finished a thorough review of this monumental film series and highly recommend it to everyone. It is comprehensive and speaks […]

Film, "What If" is out now on DVD!

Date April 14, 2011

We just previewed the film What If and found it to be an excellent choice for your family viewing! We were impressed with the honesty and clarity of the story line: a life without Christ is empty, despite what you may attain. WHAT IF tells the story of Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo), fifteen years after […]

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith…and How to Bring Them Back!

Date March 16, 2011

We are thrilled to welcome Drew Dyck to the Transformed podcast today! Drew Dyck is the author of Generation Ex-Christian: Why young adults are leaving the faith…and how to bring them back (Moody, 2010). Drew manages the Leader Training Team at Christianity Today International. His responsibilities include overseeing four online publications geared for ministry leaders: […]

Encouraging the Heart! (A Leadership Book You Should Digest!)

Date February 21, 2011

Editor’s Note: This review was first published on ChurchCentral.com. Dr. Smith is a regular contributor there. We encourage you to check out their website. You can do so here. The best leaders care. (xvii) Maybe you missed it. Many have. Written in 2003, Kouses and Pozner (K & P) my favorite leadership mentors, truly demonstrated […]