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Transformed Episode #231: Christmas Provides Us With Joy!

Date December 21, 2014

  Have you noticed how many people are running on “empty” these days? You can see it in their eyes. You can hear it in their voices. Sad, sorrow-filled lives stuck in meaningless endeavors as they watch the weeks and months of their lives pass by. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. Where’s the joy? Where’s […]

Transformed Episode #230: Christmas Overrides Our Politicians!

Date December 14, 2014

  Who’s in charge, really? Is it Washington, Moscow or Tehran? For thousands of years governments have functioned under the illusion that they are the authority on earth … the greater the country, the greater the power. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. Into that mix two millennia ago, God revealed that He is in charge […]

Transformed Episode #229: Christmas Sets Our Agendas

Date December 7, 2014

  Agendas – we all have them and, if we are bluntly honest, we all work from our own most of the time. But when Jesus comes into our lives, He changes our focus; He breathes life into our schedules! Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. In this very intimate message, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, director […]

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