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Transformed #303: Don’t Be Afraid … Only Believe! 

Date February 5, 2017

In our entire ministry, God has sent Melodee and I to churches that were struggling and shrinking because we are people with uncommon faith! We are intimately acquainted with this Jesus who tells grieving fathers, “Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.” (Luke 8:50) And we have learned a simple principle in our ministry and personal […]

Transformed #287: Focusing on Heaven by Focusing on Tomorrow!

Date March 6, 2016

People lean in the direction of the affection! This truth is the core of today’s episode of the Transformed Podcast. While every church in America is under change right now, many are not doing well as a result of that change. In this powerful call to the American Church, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith reminds us […]

9 Ways to Deal With Church Bullies!

Date December 7, 2015

by Thom Rainer Editor’s Note; Excellent article. Please read!  Second of two parts In my last post in this space, I dealt with the traits of church bullies. In this blog, I will move from descriptive to prescriptive. How do we deal with church bullies? What can we do to prevent such bullying? Here are nine of my […]

Nine Traits of Church Bullies

Date November 30, 2015

by Thom Rainer Editor’s Note; Great article. Please read! First of two parts Church bullies are common in many congregations. Wreaking havoc, stirring up trouble and creating dissension, bullies typically must have an “enemy.” They aren’t happy unless they are fighting a battle. Typically, they tend to maneuver to get an official leadership position in the […]

9 Traits of Church Bullies

Date May 7, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is such an excellent article and such a pervasive problem we are republishing it here in its entirety. If you would like to refer to the original article, you can find it here.  By Thom S. Rainer Church bullies are common in many churches. They wreak havoc and create dissension. They typically […]

Studying James 4:2!

Date May 5, 2015

  Welcome to the Transformed Podcast! Dr. Matthew Smith, director of Eagles In Leadership, continues to teach verse by verse through the book of James, one verse per podcast. These studies were recorded live in his class at Bible Believers Christian College and Seminary in Hawthorne, California. The book of James has been called, “the […]

Dear Churches in America: Prepare to Be Treated Like 1st Century Christians in Rome

Date April 30, 2015

Editor’s Note: It is obvious there is an anti-Christian movement moving through the nation at this time. While we do not know what the Lord of the Church has in mind, it is imperative for its leaders, local and global, to always be preparing their flocks for those changes. Wallace Henley has written about a future […]

Create A Disciple-Making Culture

Date April 23, 2015

Editor’s Note: From our good friends at Man in the Mirror, this excellent article may help you with your discipleship efforts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This month we bring you a special message from Man in the Mirror’s Founder and Co-CEO, Patrick Morley, President and Co-CEO, David Delk, and Vice President, Brett Clemmer. There are many churches across […]

Transformed Episode #245: Before He Takes Us to Heaven!

Date April 5, 2015

  This is our last episode in the series, “What is the Church?” Today we seek to stir your imagination and motivate your mission by reminding you of the imminent return of our Lord and King, Jesus! Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. The Church of Jesus understands these are our “last days.” The Imminent Return […]

We Don’t Want Your Money!

Date April 2, 2015

  My daughter just posted on Facebook: “I love that my church has pay my tithe online. Makes it SO much easier to make sure that’s the first 10% off the top!” One of her friends quickly responded: “That is nice! I hate using checks and cash for anything anymore. It requires way more planning.” […]