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Studying James 3:1

Date October 28, 2014

  Welcome to the Transformed Podcast! Dr. Matthew Smith, director of Eagles In Leadership, continues to teach verse by verse through the book of James, one verse per podcast. These studies were recorded live in his class at Bible Believers Christian College and Seminary in Hawthorne, California. The book of James has been called, “the faith explained” […]

Transformed Episode #219: Are You Enjoying the Benefits of God’s Wisdom?

Date September 14, 2014

    Traveling through life with wisdom means you have many other helpful friends as well. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. In any journey, most of the joy is found in our traveling companions. Great friends will mean a great trip. Sour friends will mean a difficult outing. As we journey through this life, wisdom […]

Transformed Episode #218: How Does God Bring Happiness to Our Lives?

Date September 7, 2014

    Happiness is the result of obeying God’s commands. Alignment of our practice with God’s Word is the source of real peace and joy. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. When our actions match His revealed will, we enjoy life. As we enter His presence regularly, we see a new glimpse of His glory and […]

Transformed Episode #217: How Does God Bring About Change In Our Lives?

Date August 31, 2014

  Happiness is the byproduct of worship. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. Being in God’s presence allows one to enter into the atmosphere of heaven. Joy is the atmosphere of heaven. David boldly declares his experience in the form of a prayer: “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of […]

Transformed Episode #216: What Does Great Worship Sound Like?

Date August 24, 2014

  Great worship is not about style. It is not about music. It is not about method. Great worship is about God. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. In this message, Pastor Matthew Lee Smith, reminds us that In God’s presence our soul reconnects to the power Source of the universe and we are filled with […]

Transformed Episode #215: How Can We Display the Evidence of God’s Presence?

Date August 17, 2014

  There is always a reward for the righteous! Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. It is a part of the justice of God to reward a person as their deeds deserve. Job was the finest of his day and God rewarded Job’s faithfulness. As his trial and testing concludes in part two of this series, […]

Transformed Episode #214: How Do We Trust God When Life Stinks?

Date August 10, 2014

Deeper, closer, more real … that’s what God longs for with you! Like any relationship, drawing close is where friendship grows and benefits abound. In this new series of six messages, we will explore the journey into a deeper walk with God. We will experience the love of God in ways we never thought possible. […]