Proverbs – Becoming a Virtuous Wife (Proverbs 31:10-31)

Transformed Episode #090 – Fun: Deliberate Distribution Will Awaken Jubilant Joy!

When the fruit of your faithfulness begins to come in, sharing is the key to greatest enjoyment. As we will discover, the more you give the more you get in return! We are grateful that you have returned…

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Transformed Episode #089 – Fruitfulness: Persistent Planting Always Yields God’s Generosity!

What is more than amazing is that God’s principles work all the time – in times of abundance and in turbulent financial times! Learning how to exercise faith and do the things that yield God’s abundance will transform…

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Transformed #088 – Faith: Financial Faith Will Shred Our Frightening Fears!

Despite the ever-increasing bad news of the economy and the rising prices of goods and services, faith stands in contradiction to the current torrent of bad news. Discover how you can choose ‘not to participate’ in the present…

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Transformed Episode #087 – Fear: Turbulent Times Can Shred Our Human Hope

Home foreclosures, job losses, stock market failures all lend their hand to increasing our blood pressure. As you grow closer to your retirement, you wonder if you will be able to! If you are retired, you know the…

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