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The Hard Hearted Realize Their Imminent Destruction Too Late!

Date April 25, 2016

Some thoughts on Exodus 14:24-31 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh and the Egyptians realized too late that the Lord fought against them to their total destruction. As the God who is able (Romans 4:21) acts, horror finally sinks into reason. The Lord fights for them against the Egyptians. This is the turning point in this […]

Hard Heartedness Is Contagious!

Date April 18, 2016

Some thoughts on Exodus 14:15-23 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh now spreads into the elite troops as they pursue the Israelis into the sea floor, despite the supernatural evidence that Yahweh, the Almighty God was fighting for Israel. Sometimes passion overtakes common sense. This is a classic illustration. God is working for Israel in ways […]

The Hard Hearted Break Their Agreements!

Date April 11, 2016

Some thoughts from Exodus 14:4, 8-9 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh became manifest again as he broke his agreement with Israel after they left Ramses, by hastily pursuing them to restore domination over Israel. God seeks to remove Israel’s enemies for good in that generation. Only the total destruction of the pride-driven mad man on […]

The Hard Hearted’s Life Ends In Great Sorrow!

Date April 4, 2016

Thoughts from Exodus 11:4-6,9 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh ultimately ended in grievous sorrow and widespread death. This is so often the case, though not on the scale of Pharaoh’s Egypt. When the battle between the proud and the Lord rages on, it inevitably ends in death and destruction. God never loses. All around us […]

The Hard Hearted Cling to Pride!

Date March 29, 2016

Some thoughts from Exodus 10:21-29 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh clings to his pride, refusing to fulfill the request of the Lord by shouting vitriolic threats at the messenger. When Moses explains everyone and everything must go on this spiritual retreat, Pharaoh had to sense the desire to flee his rule. As a result, he […]

The Hard Hearted Refuse to Submit to the Lord!

Date March 22, 2016

  Thoughts from Exodus 10:13-20 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh refused to surrender to the Lord despite the supernatural arrival and departure of the destroying locusts. Despite the fact that Egypt is ruined (Exodus 10:7), and the subsequent destruction of what remained of the flora and fauna in the land, the king chooses to not […]

The Hard Hearted Feign Repentance!

Date March 15, 2016

Some thoughts from Exodus 9:27-35 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh feigned repentance but reverted to his old ways as soon as the danger passed. There is a pattern to pride and this account of dealing with Pharaoh may show it to us more than any other in the Bible. Despite the mouthing of the words, […]

The Hard Hearted Don’t Care When Their Actions Injure Others!

Date March 8, 2016

Some thoughts from Exodus 9:8-12 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh refused to obey the Lord despite the severe injury to the health of all of his citizens. With everyone in the country affected, and the magicians unable to stand in the court of the king because of having succumbed to the plague from the God […]

The Hard Hearted Care More About Their Reputation Than Other People’s Lives!

Date March 1, 2016

  Some thoughts from Exodus 9:1-7 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh refused to acquiesce to the Lord’s request despite the destruction of the nation’s food supply. With all of the livestock in the nation dead, except for those under the control of the Israelites, and a verified accounting given to Pharaoh, he still chooses to […]

The Hard Hearted Refuse to Honor Their Commitments!

Date February 23, 2016

Some thoughts from Exodus 8:28-32 (ESV) The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh refused to honor His own agreements despite the Lord’s follow through in keeping His side of the agreement. Pharaoh calls for prayer, saying plead for me as he verbally gives in to the Lord’s demand to, “Let my people go, that they may serve me.” […]

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