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When Our Stubbornness Requires a Price!

Date August 10, 2017

Being independent is an American attribute. However, when God calls us to depend upon Him, many of us move into “refusal mode.”  We think we have a better plan, a better idea, a better way.  And that is where things take a supernatural turn … listen to Asaph explain: “But my people did not listen […]

Impacted By God’s Word

Date June 13, 2017

Some verses just make a bigger impact in my life than others. How about you? Sure they do! When this verse comes across my path each year in my Bible reading, it causes me to stop and evaluate some things. Do I believe this? Am I seeing this play out in my daily life? Which […]

That Moment When Your Faith’s True Size Is Revealed!

Date May 18, 2017

Have you ever come to an obstacle in life and decide to bail instead of press forward? Perhaps because the path grew unfamiliar and uncomfortable you chose to take the easy wrong instead of the difficult right. Going to a life group or mid-week study was just too much to ask of you and so […]

Hearing the Voice of God

Date June 18, 2015

If you want to hear his voice, get away for the weekend. No phones, no music, no tv, etc. UNPLUG! Then go to a quiet place with a Bible and a note pad. Start by praying, “God, here I am waiting to hear from you. Talk to me please.” Then, open your Bible and start […]

7 Ways to Tell It May Be a God Thing—Helping Discern If God Is in This

Date June 4, 2015

Editor’s Note: The will of God. It’s a big issue for the disciple. In this great article by our friend, Ron Edmondson, there are some practical thoughts on discovering God’s will. As we ask at Eagles In Leadership, “Are you praying God-sized prayers?” Ron has some great insights into that thought. By Ron Edmondson And without […]

Transformed Episode #248: 12 Commands to Discover God’s Will For My Life! – Part 2

Date April 26, 2015

  We are discovering that God’s will for our lives is an inside job – one that is discovered by a real, personal, daily, intimate walk with God. Once we get alone with God through His Word, we can hear His voice as He leads us on a daily basis. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. […]

Transformed Episode #247: 12 Commands to Discover God’s Will For My Life! – Part 1

Date April 19, 2015

  Long ago, King David knew how difficult it was to discover and follow God’s will for his life. One of the key problems he faced, as do we, is the fact that wicked people often seem to do so much better in life than we do. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. As we continue […]

Transformed Episode #246: How Do I Discover the Will of God?

Date April 12, 2015

  Probably one of the greatest questions in the Christian life is this one: “How Do I Discover the Will of God?” Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. In this three part series, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Director of Eagles In Leadership, begins to answer this life-changing question by taking us through 5 clear steps to […]

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