Christmas 2014 from Matthew & Melodee Smith

2014 Christmas pic letter

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Dear Family and Friends:                                                                                                                                                      December 2014

Hope this letter finds you well. The Lord is so faithful to us! We are so blessed!

January surprised us! Matthew fainted during the night after returning to bed from the bathroom. He also broke his hand when he fell. After spending a night in the ER it was discovered that Matthew has atrial fibrillation. He has been doing well with the prescription that the doctor gave him.

This was an extremely busy year for ministry. We had two missions teams come to Pacific Baptist Church this year. One team in March from Texas and one team in July from Louisiana. The Texas team painted several rooms and the outside of the worship center building. They also painted the hand railing outside the worship center. The team consisted of mostly young adult girls. They used their hands to paint the black railing. (Their hands are probably still black after all this time!) The Louisiana team painted the outside of the office building. It was so much fun having them here. Melodee cooked all their lunches. Matthew was the gofer, running to Home Depot several times a day.

Matthew continued disciplining several men this year. It was such a joy to see them growing in the knowledge of the Lord! He also taught through the Bible during Wednesday evenings.

Melodee wrote the children’s curriculum for our King’s Kids. She had 9 children this year. In the last two years she has taken the King’s Kids from Creation to King David. Tabitha has helped her teach the children. It has been so much fun watching them learn!

In August we had a blast at Congregational Christian Church Family Camp. Some of the men from our church also joined us this year. This has been the 10th year that Matthew has spoken at the Family camp. He spoke from the book of James.

Gathering Missional Leaders was published this year. This is Matthew’s 6th book.

Tabitha published her 5th children’s book this year, “Jack the Kitten Is Very Sleepy.”

Our baby, Hannah Joy, is having her 3rd baby girl this coming year. We are very excited to be grand parents again. This will be our 3rd grand! The oldest granddaughter told us that she is going to be, “the BIGGEST sister.” The younger one said said, “Did you hear that we’re pregnant?”

Hannah hopes to graduate this coming summer with her MBA from Phoenix University. She is currently being trained to be a Starbucks manager, which is something that she has been wanting for a long time.

We wish we were closer to our Oklahoma grands. We miss them so much! We are grateful for Skype where we can see and talk to them. Lord willing, we will be going there in April to see our newest grand!

Matthew continues working for Colorado Christian University and Bible Believers Christian College and Seminary. He has seen tremendous growth in his students. One said, “Doc, when I get done in May it will be like a surgeon has come in an cut away all the wrong thinking and you’ll find a new person.”

Our hearts are broken because the Pacific Baptist Church elder laid us off effective at the end of this year because the church finances are poor. We don’t believe that this is God’s will. We have seen, and continue to see, so much growth and so much hope for this ministry. We love these dear people so much! So, after 3 years of working at Pacific, our last Sunday will be the 28th of December.

Please pray for us. This development means a $3,000 / month decrease in our income starting January 2015. Please pray that we will soon find a new ministry!

Tabitha’s job became part-time in June because of the company’s finances. This November they had to lay her off because they could no longer afford her part time. They still owe her a sizable amount of her back pay yet, so she hasn’t been able to help us financially like she has in the past. Please pray that Tabitha get’s a full time job!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
Love, Matthew & Melodee Joy Smith