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Magnificent Marriage Monday – Treating Our Spouse With Respect!

Transformed Podcast #265: We Will Stand Firm!

You and I, like our brothers and sisters 1900 years ago, are fighting a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of our cities here and around the world. And this is not a battle that can be…

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Transformed Episode #233: Discovering God’s Priorities For Your Life in 2015!

With the New Year upon us, discovering what God desires of us is essential to accomplishing His will through us in 2015.  In his final message as Pastor of Pacific Baptist Church, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith helps us discover the…

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Transformed Episode #226: Fear – When My Faith is Small

Fear is the greatest weapon to those who would stand up against truth and justice. Welcome to a new series of the Transformed Podcast. Today we begin to talk about, “Overcoming Faith!” Perhaps you love these words from…

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