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Turn-Around Tuesday – Venting Our Vehemence

Hope For Today – Emmanuel Brings Mercy, Goodness and Comfort!

Photo Credit:   We seem to put more faith in the joy our presents will bring than in God’s presence each holiday season. I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about…

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Transformed Podcast #267: O God, Do Not Keep Silent!

As God’s people watch the news these days, many are asking, “Are theses THE last days?” As the temperature of the Church cools towards Jesus and the our Culture continues to crumble, many of the Redeemed have chosen…

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Transformed Episode #248: 12 Commands to Discover God’s Will For My Life! – Part 2

  We are discovering that God’s will for our lives is an inside job – one that is discovered by a real, personal, daily, intimate walk with God. Once we get alone with God through His Word, we…

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Transformed Episode #227: Forgive – When My Faith Must Grow

Welcome back to the Transformed Podcast. Forgiveness can be one of the hardest actions in life. We sincerely know and believe the other person does not deserve the gift of forgiveness. And then, when we extend such mercy…

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