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Willing Worker Wednesday – Using Wisdom In An Evil World!

Transformed #284: Building Relationships Through Sunday School!

Sitting in a room with strangers is depressing. Especially when no one seems interested in you and your life. As we continue our New Year series, “When Sunday School Works Well!” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith shows us that…

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Transformed Episode #226: Fear – When My Faith is Small

Fear is the greatest weapon to those who would stand up against truth and justice. Welcome to a new series of the Transformed Podcast. Today we begin to talk about, “Overcoming Faith!” Perhaps you love these words from…

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Transformed Episode #217: How Does God Bring About Change In Our Lives?

  Happiness is the byproduct of worship. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. Being in God’s presence allows one to enter into the atmosphere of heaven. Joy is the atmosphere of heaven. David boldly declares his experience in the…

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Transformed Episode #169 – Focused on Accomplishing His Mission!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. The Mission of God has a Church to accomplish the call of God’s Mission. Since the Garden Fall, God has been crying out, “Where are you?” It is the mission of each of…

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Episode 128 – How Do I Get God's Guidance in Life?

  Welcome to the Transformed podcast. As we continue our 90 Days of Abundance! journey with the men and women of Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California, Lead Pastor Matthew Lee Smith is answering the question, “How…

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