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Train Them Thursday – Faith’s Beginning – Repentance!

Studying James 2:7

Welcome to the Transformed Podcast! Dr. Matthew Smith, director of Eagles In Leadership, continues to teach verse by verse through the book of James, one verse per podcast. These studies were recorded live in his class at Bible…

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Transformed Podcast #187 – How Do We Live Out God’s Heart Every Day?

As Jesus meets with His disciples after His resurrection, His focus is on the mission of God. Jesus tells us “I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth.” Imagine this if you will. Welcome to…

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Transformed Episode #174 – Love Holds Our Spiritual Family Caringly!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. In a day when people say they don’t need “organized religion,” our final study today shows us that the true disciple of Jesus simply cannot exist apart from the support group God has…

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Transformed Episode #169 – Focused on Accomplishing His Mission!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. The Mission of God has a Church to accomplish the call of God’s Mission. Since the Garden Fall, God has been crying out, “Where are you?” It is the mission of each of…

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Transformed Episode #157 – Jesus, Our Sin Remover!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. Why do we need Jesus anyway? What’s the purpose of His life? Today, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California answers those questions in this study…

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Episode 149 – Can Anyone Ever Be Financially Free?

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. In order to be financially free, we will need to know and practice all three factors that are involved in financial freedom. Unsurprisingly, the first one corresponds directly to the three “love commands”…

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Episode 124 – Spiritual First Responders Search Out the Lost and Wandering!

Thank you for returning for another edition of the Transformed podcast. We continue our series entitled, Where Is God Taking Us? today. God is launching the men and women of Pacific Baptist Church into their neighborhoods as care…

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