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Turn-Around Tuesday – Venting Our Vehemence

Hope For Today – Celebrate His Peace!

Peace – we are all looking for it! The reality is, as we have learned from this past election cycle, peace is FAR from the hearts of Americans these days. And while the pointy finger of blame is…

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Transformed #287: Focusing on Heaven by Focusing on Tomorrow!

People lean in the direction of the affection! This truth is the core of today’s episode of the Transformed Podcast. While every church in America is under change right now, many are not doing well as a result…

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Transformed Episode #205: Living Out God’s Heart in Our Daily Lives!

Welcome to the transformed podcast! God has no desire that you accept the condemnation of others for their failures! You can either accept their accusations or you can manifest the love of God. Looking into the life of…

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Episode 118 – Forgiving or Forbearing?

Artwork by OnlyCurious “People find fault as if there is a reward for it!  Too many people look for the worst in others and never pass up the chance to cut down or criticize others.” That quote from…

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