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Turn-Around Tuesday – When God Sends Help

Hope For Today – Your God Throughout Your Lifetime!

Photo Credit:   And as we grow older, Satan often whispers in our ears, “You don’t have the income you used to. Things are more expensive. What if you get sick? Who’s going to take care of you?”…

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Transformed Episode #223 – God Gives Guidance!

  When everything falls apart, our only hope is God’s grace, compassion and mercy! Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. As we continue to explore, “What a Mighty God We Serve!”, Pastor Matthew Lee Smith, reminds the people of…

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Transformed Episode #220: God Is Light!

  What a mighty God we serve! His character draws us to Him as a moth to a flame, especially today, as darkness surrounds our nation, our communities, and our lives. In this series we discover God is…

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Transformed Episode #212: Exercises for a Healthy Spiritual Heart

How do we maintain a healthy heart for God? Welcome to the Transformed podcast. Setting things straight with God is often painful at first. When we have become entwined in a way of life, extricating ourselves can be…

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Episode 126 – What Is the Abundant Life Anyway?”

Welcome to a new series on the Transformed podcast. Today we begin a journey entitled, 90 Days of Abundance! At Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California, God is doing a new thing and we want to invite…

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