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Faith Filled Friday – Faith Follows God’s Lead!

Transformed Podcast # 279: Refocusing On Our Purpose in Sunday School!

Many people today believe Sunday School should go the way of the dinosaurs. (And perhaps the way they do it, it should!) However, in our New Year series, “When Sunday School Works Well!” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith explains…

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Transformed Podcast #272: Mighty Men and Women!

For the Church to survive and thrive, it will need a healthy and godly team of men and women leading it! We want to welcome you to the fifth and final installment in the “Being An Excellent Team Player”…

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Transformed Episode #213: Courage to Worship!

How do we make courageous choices for God? Welcome to the Transformed podcast. I’m your host, Mike Powers. When we seek God’s favor, we must request every mercy that is favor from God for our lives and worship.…

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Transformed Episode #198: Stepping Forward in God’s Love!

God wants you to succeed! Welcome to the transformed podcast.  In order to succeed, God calls us to trust Him in very specific ways. When we step out by faith and act, God does amazing, even supernatural things…

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