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Train Them Thursday – Let God Guide!

Hope For Today – Remove All Fear From Me!

FEAR – it paralyzes us faster than Novocain in the dentist’s chair! The problem seems to be – at least for me – that I unthaw very slowly! I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share…

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Transformed #285: Coaching Our Class to Christlikeness!

Losing is no fun! And yet, to be honest, Sunday Schools and Churches are losing people all across this nation. As we continue our New Year series, “When Sunday School Works Well!” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith speaks plainly…

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Transformed Podcast #270: What Are the Top 10 Characteristics of a Team “Wrecker?”

We have watched it before and we are watching it today: Church closures! In America, 3,500 – 4,000 churches closer their doors every year for good. Half of all churches last year did not add a new member…

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Transformed Podcast #268: What Kind of Team Player Brings Victory to Their Team?

As our culture crumbles, the Church of the Lord Jesus MUST work together! Unity is key to effective strategic execution of the Great Commission of King Jesus! We are here to introduce you to a special series on the…

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