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Train Them Thursday – When Worship Flows!

Transformed Episode #224 – God is Faithful!

  When God puts up a “road block” it’s a great time to reevaluate our focus!  Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. As we deepen our study of, “What a Mighty God We Serve!”, Pastor Matthew Lee Smith, reminds…

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Transformed Podcast Episode #176 – The Lord Doesn’t Treat Us As Our Sins Deserve!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. David reminds us again and again of God goodness! The source of constant motivations to return to His side and proclaim His praises in the midst of the Great Assembly each week, God’s…

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Episode 119: Good Grief!

Artwork Credit:   Conviction – it’s a word many Christ-followers misunderstand. When the Spirit moves through the words of the pastor, many people get uncomfortable and upset. While many would rather not address the subject of conviction…

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