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Faith Filled Friday – The Path of Life!

Transformed Podcast #267: O God, Do Not Keep Silent!

As God’s people watch the news these days, many are asking, “Are theses THE last days?” As the temperature of the Church cools towards Jesus and the our Culture continues to crumble, many of the Redeemed have chosen…

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Transformed Episode #204: Overcoming Discouragement and Suffering!

Welcome to the transformed podcast! God longs for you to enjoy the courage He gives to all who trust Him! Such encouragement defeats discouragement, despite the suffering we may be experiencing at this moment. As we look into…

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Transformed Episode #194: Experiencing God’s Love as We Deal With Our Failures!

In the next six weeks, we are going to discover the incredible love God holds for us, personally. We will be able to clearly answer one of the greatest questions of life: Does God care about me? Welcome…

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