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Train Them Thursday – Amazed At Jesus!

Hope For Today – God’s Way Is God’s Word!

Giant problems require a team of warriors around us, especially as we grow older! David’s enemies were many – and, several of them were real, bona fide, terrifying giants! Knowing how to conquer them because a vital issue…

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Hope For Today – Only You Can Help Us Lord!

Photo Credit: What do you do when your enemies surround you on every side and defeat looks imminent? Cry? Give up? Quit? I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today to remind…

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Transformed Episode #204: Overcoming Discouragement and Suffering!

Welcome to the transformed podcast! God longs for you to enjoy the courage He gives to all who trust Him! Such encouragement defeats discouragement, despite the suffering we may be experiencing at this moment. As we look into…

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