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Willing Worker Wednesday – Boldly Speaking for God

Transformed Episode #214: How Do We Trust God When Life Stinks?

Deeper, closer, more real … that’s what God longs for with you! Like any relationship, drawing close is where friendship grows and benefits abound. In this new series of six messages, we will explore the journey into a…

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Transformed Podcast #179 – We Live in a Broken World

  There is no confusion – God’s people suffer. Where the confusion comes in at is, “Why?” While many people remain baffled, the Bible speaks directly to this issue repeatedly. This study is designed to open the pages…

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Episode 140 – Where Is God When Your Family Rejects You?

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. When your family rejects you, God is still with you! As the teenage Jacob shows us, God will show up, back up and take up our cause when we trust our lives to…

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