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Faith Filled Friday – Will You Submit to the Will of God?

Studying 1 John 1.9!

Welcome back! We return to our study of what it means to walk in the faith by walking with Jesus today here on the Transformed Podcast! We are here to guide you through this intensive, verse – by…

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Transformed Podcast #274: Jesus Came to Present Us With Hope! [Repost]

It’s Christmas – a time of hope! In today’s episode from Christmas 2007, Pastor Matt draws our attention to the “coming” or “arrival” of Jesus. The focus of the entire season is the celebration of the birth of…

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Transformed Episode #247: 12 Commands to Discover God’s Will For My Life! – Part 1

  Long ago, King David knew how difficult it was to discover and follow God’s will for his life. One of the key problems he faced, as do we, is the fact that wicked people often seem to…

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