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Train Them Thursday – Look For Receptivity!

Transformed Episode #218: How Does God Bring Happiness to Our Lives?

    Happiness is the result of obeying God’s commands. Alignment of our practice with God’s Word is the source of real peace and joy. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. When our actions match His revealed will, we…

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Transformed Episode #203: Keeping a Powerful Faith Alive (Even With Children)!

God longs for His children to remain passionate about their relationship with Him! Welcome to the transformed podcast! Time seeks to temper the fervency of our faith if we are not careful. As we join Dr. Matthew Lee…

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Episode 136 – How Do I Gain Friends and Influence Enemies?

  Welcome to the Transformed podcast. As our world grows more polarized, we see the destructive forces of anger and bitterness manifested all too often. In today’s episode, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist Church…

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Episode 115 – Living in Forgiveness!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. We cannot accomplish God’s dream for our church until we learn to forgive and forget the offenses of others. One of the closest men to Jesus tells us today there are 7 key…

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