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Train Them Thursday – Worth Our Life!

Hope For Today – Emmanuel Brings Mercy, Goodness and Comfort!

Photo Credit:   We seem to put more faith in the joy our presents will bring than in God’s presence each holiday season. I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about…

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Studying James 1:17

Welcome to the Transformed Podcast! Dr. Matthew Smith, director of Eagles In Leadership, continues to teach verse by verse through the book of James, one verse per podcast. These studies were recorded live in his class at Bible…

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Transformed Podcast #178 – Praise the Lord, O My Soul!

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. Worship is not a spectator sport!  It is a totally unknown thought to think of sitting and watching people worship. Worship, by its very definition, requires the participation of all. In our worship…

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