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Willing Worker Wednesday – Am I Growing?

Transformed #284: Building Relationships Through Sunday School!

Sitting in a room with strangers is depressing. Especially when no one seems interested in you and your life. As we continue our New Year series, “When Sunday School Works Well!” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith shows us that…

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Transformed Podcast #280: Sunday School Focuses on Spiritual Maturity!

Someone has described the American Church as 100 miles wide and an inch deep – ouch! Spiritual maturity is truly to be a primary goal of the Church … … and in our New Year series, “When Sunday…

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Transformed Podcast #273: Jesus Is Enough!

  Is Jesus enough for you? With all that is happening around us and the increasing hostility of the world against the followers of Jesus, I would ask you again, Is Jesus enough for you? We are here to…

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Transformed Episode #227: Forgive – When My Faith Must Grow

Welcome back to the Transformed Podcast. Forgiveness can be one of the hardest actions in life. We sincerely know and believe the other person does not deserve the gift of forgiveness. And then, when we extend such mercy…

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