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Willing Worker Wednesday – Boldly Speaking for God

Hope For Today – Let’s Thank God Loudly!

Photo Credit:   Often I am just “independent,” “stubborn” and, occasionally even “rebellious” … how about you? I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about thanking God loudly! Click the play button…

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Hope For Today – God Gives More Grace!

Pride. It gets all of us into problems every week. We know we are right, why can’t others see what we see? And when they don’t, we often push too hard and, in the process, show we are…

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Transformed Episode #249: Receiving God’s Comfort!

  So many people are in pain today! Whether through sickness, selfishness, or sin many bleed within more than from without. Others have been savaged, slandered and seduced to the point where life no longer seems to hold…

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