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Willing Worker Wednesday – Am I Growing?

Hope For Today – God Will Strengthen You and Help You!

  Maybe you are in the midst of a valley right now – financially, relationally, emotionally, physically. It might even be the result of your own doing. Whatever the reason, here you are … struggling, suffering, and sinking.…

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Transformed Episode #250: The Path to Transformation – Part 1

  The most practical and powerful way to get believers headed in the direction of spiritual maturity is to help them establish habits that promote spiritual growth. As we open this episode of the Transformed Podcast, we are…

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Transformed Episode #249: Receiving God’s Comfort!

  So many people are in pain today! Whether through sickness, selfishness, or sin many bleed within more than from without. Others have been savaged, slandered and seduced to the point where life no longer seems to hold…

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Transformed Episode #236: An Attitude of Humility

Attitudes. Good, bad or ugly, we all have them. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. In today’s episode, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, director of Eagles In Leadership, discusses one of the key attitudes that mark Jesus’ disciples. Each attitude builds…

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