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Faith Filled Friday – Ask For BIG Things!

Hope For Today – My Whole Life One Long, Obedient Response!

Photo Credit:   It’s a New Year – a time for celebration and dedication! I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about making our whole lives one long, obedient response! Click…

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Hope For Today – Thank God For All He Has Done!

Photo Credit: Since life goes by so fast, few of us stop and take the time to recount where we have been recently and what God has done for us. I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want…

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Hope For Today – Favor Me With Your Power, Lord!

Photo Credit: Are you working on a new life or a new project and need God’s help? Most of us, if we are honest, would admit we could use God’s intervention in our situation right now! I’m Dr.…

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