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Willing Worker Wednesday – Go … and Speak!

Hope For Today – Emmanuel Brings Mercy, Goodness and Comfort!

Photo Credit:   We seem to put more faith in the joy our presents will bring than in God’s presence each holiday season. I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about…

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Transformed Podcast #277: It’s Time For Celebration! [Repost]

Why does Jesus birth cause such a stir?  Think about it. The birth of a peasant child born in an insignificant little town in the Middle East is still being celebrated today. In fact, it is the most…

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Transformed Episode #229: Christmas Sets Our Agendas

  Agendas – we all have them and, if we are bluntly honest, we all work from our own most of the time. But when Jesus comes into our lives, He changes our focus; He breathes life into…

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