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Magnificent Marriage Monday – Valuing Our Wives As God’s Gift To Us!

Transformed Podcast #273: Jesus Is Enough!

  Is Jesus enough for you? With all that is happening around us and the increasing hostility of the world against the followers of Jesus, I would ask you again, Is Jesus enough for you? We are here to…

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Transformed Podcast #272: Mighty Men and Women!

For the Church to survive and thrive, it will need a healthy and godly team of men and women leading it! We want to welcome you to the fifth and final installment in the “Being An Excellent Team Player”…

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Transformed Podcast #264: When the Culture Crumbles!

“May you live in interesting times” is an English expression purported to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Despite being so common in English as to be known as “the Chinese curse“, the saying is apocryphal,…

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Transformed Episode #218: How Does God Bring Happiness to Our Lives?

    Happiness is the result of obeying God’s commands. Alignment of our practice with God’s Word is the source of real peace and joy. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. When our actions match His revealed will, we…

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Transformed Episode #215: How Can We Display the Evidence of God’s Presence?

  There is always a reward for the righteous! Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. It is a part of the justice of God to reward a person as their deeds deserve. Job was the finest of his day…

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Transformed Episode #199: Examining the Life We Are Living!

God wants you to have a passionate life of faith! Welcome to the transformed podcast. In order to accomplish this, He calls us to examine our relationship with Him on a regular basis, like we would any other…

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