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Train Them Thursday – When Worship Flows!

Hope For Today – Great Faith in Our Great God Receives Great Victory!

I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today to encourage you to increase your faith so you can increase God’s reward in your life! Hope For Today is a part of the…

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Transformed Episode #221: Our God is Trustworthy!

  Nothing is more encouraging than God’s amazing faithfulness to us! Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. As we return to our series, “What a Mighty God We Serve!”, Pastor Matthew Lee Smith, explains to the people of Pacific…

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Transformed Episode #202: Enjoying God, No Matter the Circumstances!

God wants us to focus on His love for us, not our problems around us! Welcome to the transformed podcast! Life doesn’t always go well for the follower of Jesus. What we do in the midst of our…

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Transformed Episode #200: Dealing With Our Selfishness!

Welcome to this 200th transformed podcast! God longs to help us remove selfishness and its the disastrous consequences from our lives! In this clarifying message, we will discover the 6 visible characteristics that ooze from a selfish heart…

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