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Faith Filled Friday – Do Not Delay!

Transformed Episode #248: 12 Commands to Discover God’s Will For My Life! – Part 2

  We are discovering that God’s will for our lives is an inside job – one that is discovered by a real, personal, daily, intimate walk with God. Once we get alone with God through His Word, we…

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Transformed Episode #220: God Is Light!

  What a mighty God we serve! His character draws us to Him as a moth to a flame, especially today, as darkness surrounds our nation, our communities, and our lives. In this series we discover God is…

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Transformed Episode #217: How Does God Bring About Change In Our Lives?

  Happiness is the byproduct of worship. Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. Being in God’s presence allows one to enter into the atmosphere of heaven. Joy is the atmosphere of heaven. David boldly declares his experience in the…

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