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Turn-Around Tuesday – Impaired Faith-Vision

Hope For Today – Emmanuel Becomes a Reality When We Obey God’s Word!

Photo Credit:   Ever wonder how to experience God’s presence in a powerful way? I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about God becoming real in your daily life. Click…

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Transformed Podcast #268: What Kind of Team Player Brings Victory to Their Team?

As our culture crumbles, the Church of the Lord Jesus MUST work together! Unity is key to effective strategic execution of the Great Commission of King Jesus! We are here to introduce you to a special series on the…

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Transformed Episode #201: Motivated By God’s Love to Build Spiritual Muscle!

God wants to speak with you, often, daily, personally! Welcome to the transformed podcast! How we prepare ourselves to listen to God and how we set aside time to listen to Him speaks volumes about how God will…

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