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Willing Worker Wednesday – Go … and Speak!

Transformed #287: Focusing on Heaven by Focusing on Tomorrow!

People lean in the direction of the affection! This truth is the core of today’s episode of the Transformed Podcast. While every church in America is under change right now, many are not doing well as a result…

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Transformed Podcast #278: It’s Time For Salvation! [Repost]

Editor’s Note: This repost was first posted in 2007 the week BEFORE Christmas.    The purpose of Christmas can be seen in the words of the angels at Bethlehem, For unto you is born this day in the…

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Transformed Podcast #265: We Will Stand Firm!

You and I, like our brothers and sisters 1900 years ago, are fighting a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of our cities here and around the world. And this is not a battle that can be…

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