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Train Them Thursday – We Have Something Good to Share!

Transformed Podcast #277: It’s Time For Celebration! [Repost]

Why does Jesus birth cause such a stir?  Think about it. The birth of a peasant child born in an insignificant little town in the Middle East is still being celebrated today. In fact, it is the most…

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Transformed Podcast #275: Jesus Came to Be Our Shepherd! [Repost]

In this special repost of our Christmas 2007 podcast we discover the joy of God’s love! In today’s special Christmas episode, “Jesus Came to be Our Shepherd!” Pastor Matt draws our attention to the life we have in…

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Transformed Podcast #262: God, Who Is Also Known As Yahweh Rapha,Yahweh Rohi and Yahweh Sabaoth!

  Life can be overwhelming at times, can’t it? If it wasn’t for the presence of God in our lives, how would we make it? Welcome to another episode of the Transformed podcast. In today’s study, which is…

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Transformed Episode #206: Walking in God’s Vision

God longs for us to enjoy His abundance as we walk through this life! Welcome to the Transformed podcast. God has given us godly leaders to show us the way He longs for his people to walk in…

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Transformed Episode 160 – Jesus Our Life Provider

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. So why is Jesus so important? Don’t all religions pray to the same God? Aren’t all faiths equally valid? In today’s study, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist Church in…

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