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Train Them Thursday – Naturally Curious

Transformed #286: What Makes a Great Coach?

Craig Groeschel reminds us that, “successful people do consistently what normal people do occasionally.” When it comes to Sunday School, nothing could be closer to the truth! As we wrap up our New Year series, “When Sunday School…

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Transformed Podcast #272: Mighty Men and Women!

For the Church to survive and thrive, it will need a healthy and godly team of men and women leading it! We want to welcome you to the fifth and final installment in the “Being An Excellent Team Player”…

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Transformed Podcast #186 – How Far Should We Go to Reach One More for Jesus?

Have you thought about God’s heart lately in your ministry? God’s whole thought for us is expansion! God is in the “big thinking” business! Welcome to the transformed podcast. Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist…

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Transformed Podcast #184 – Life’s All About the Mission!

When Jesus called His disciples together and shared His heart and passion with them, He reminded them life was all about the mission! We call it the “Great Commission.” God longs to bring His lost children home, thus…

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Transformed Talks to Greg Atkinson About Church Leadership!

We are excited to share our conversation about Church Leadership with Greg Atkinson! Greg is a passionate pastor, church leader, coach, trainer and author. Don’t miss Greg’s FREE eBook offer at his website. Greg has been writing, speaking…

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