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Magnificent Marriage Monday – Treating Our Spouse With Respect!

Transformed #283: Modeling Our Sunday School After New Testament Health and Growth!

Sometimes we make the simple way too complicated. This is especially true when it comes to our discipleship using Sunday School or small groups. As we continue our New Year series, “When Sunday School Works Well!” Dr. Matthew…

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Transformed Podcast #280: Sunday School Focuses on Spiritual Maturity!

Someone has described the American Church as 100 miles wide and an inch deep – ouch! Spiritual maturity is truly to be a primary goal of the Church … … and in our New Year series, “When Sunday…

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Episode 148 – Why Did God Make Money Anyway?

Welcome to the Transformed podcast. I’m your host Mike Powers. Money. Just the word incites a flurry of emotions. People long for it, work hard to get it, will do many things in order to have more of…

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Episode 109 – Nothing is Impossible for the Unity Minded Church

Pride is resistance to the will of God. This is the cause of dissension and schism, and it is the reason for “a lack of unity and understanding.” But in humility, Christ redeemed us and made us one…

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